Named after the initials of founder and head of design, Victor Carrasco Berlanga, Viccarbe, an innovative Spanish design company located in the city of Valencia, Spain, was founded in 2000. While perfectly fitting, the name actually came about accidentally. “Viccarbe was Victor´s Master Thesis for University and it was the university that named the project by Victor´s initials,” explains the brand. More than two decades later, the name not only stuck but is known around the world. Since its inception, the brand has seen considerable growth having a presence in more than 70 countries and working with talent from around the globe. 

Creativity, innovation and exquisite attention to detail are at the heart of the brand’s core values. Designed under and inspired by the sunshine of the Mediterranean—from their feelings for colors and warmth of materials to their sense of humor and way they look at their friends—Viccarbe is a distinctive manufacturer of made-to-last, timeless contemporary designs. With a focus on aesthetics, comfort and durability, the brand collaborates with the most prestigious international designers such as Jaime Hayon, Patricia Urquiola, Piero Lissoni and John Pawson. “Our aim is to inspire Mediterranean experiences in unique collaborative spaces, through the creation of multi-faceted, warm and timeless pieces, perfect for integrating well into many different spaces (home, office, meeting rooms, hotels, restaurants, cafés, airports, schools, universities or libraries),” explains the brand. Notable names such as Apple, CHANEL, MoMA, Condé Nast, LinkedIn and Facebook are among the many companies that have chosen Viccarbe products


Viccarbe’s collection is entirely made in Spain. “Viccarbe wouldn’t exist without its magical location, next to the Mediterranean Sea,” says the brand. With 70% percent of its suppliers located less than 2 hours drive from its factory, the brand attributes its hometown tradition in the furniture industry as a key element of the company’s history. Local craftsmen who take great care with every detail are also paramount to the brand’s success—“A good example is the handcrafted finishes in our Up in the Air low table,” says the brand. 

The brand believes in designing and producing furniture that will be kept and enjoyed for a longtime, and not thrown away. “Consequently, the concept of environmental sustainability becomes important for Viccarbe from the furniture’s conception, right through its design until the end of its useful life cycle. Produce sensibly and consume no more than necessary. Quality ahead of quantity,” explains the brand.

On the horizon, Viccarbe is bringing creative ideas in sustainability by partnering with leading sustainable brands in fashion and is releasing a thoughtful outdoor collection this summer. “Designers love the flexibility and unique pieces they find in our collection plus the extraordinary balance between quality-design-pricing,” explains the brand, which releases new pieces every year, mostly in spring.

Signature styles include the Levitt Sofa and Chair, Aleta Metal Base Lounge Armchair, Shape Table, Ace Wooden Base Chair and Step Sofa.

Source Viccarbe in the StyleRow Marketplace. To find out more, visit their website.