Thoughtfully designed for function, Gorazd Malacic’s designs push the boundaries of what is seen as trendy or simply of-the-moment in today’s contemporary design landscape. In this way, his pieces look more like futuristic works of art. It is also by understanding how we exist with furniture today that Malacic has developed a style all his own. By looking to the future, strong conceptual designs take hold in the present. 

Malacic founded Tokio.—a contemporary, forward-looking design brand—in 2011. With a focus on carbon fiber as its primary material, all Tokio products are made with the dedication and precision of skilled craftsmen. They are able to exploit technologically advanced manufacturing and assembly techniques to ensure the look, installation and user experience of Tokio products are second to none.

Taking pride in having a contemporary vision free of the cumbersome weight of heritage and tradition that might cloud its stylistic judgment and ultimate design output, Malacic offers a selection of high-tech, contemporary lighting and furniture that easily mix with other design styles. However, it is a sense of romance and futuristic adventures that inform the individualistic design objects.

The product line includes the spellbinding Isle Lounge sofa, which debuted at the London Design Festival in 2005. It is large enough to fit several people in eclectic comfort. Meanwhile, the Carbon Claro table features thin carbon legs in different color finishes, with a solid charred walnut top. The two materials connect seamlessly, creating a complex yet lightweight table that’s perfect for managerial offices or private dining rooms. On the lighting front, Carbon Light—selected as a finalist in lighting products at the Architizer Awards in 2014—is a high-performance modular suspension light with an adaptable design and multiple LED spot options. Finally, Tri Light is a flexible honeycomb design system that can be perpetuated into infinity. It is made of milled and anodized aluminum triangles that shine individually to disperse harmonious light throughout a space.

Tokio products are sold throughout North America, Asia, Australia, Europe, and the Middle East.  The brand can be seen at the many international design happenings around the world.

Source Tokio in the StyleRow Marketplace. To find out more about Tokio, visit the website.