For more than half the country, February has been an exceptionally chilly month. With unprecedented snowfall, we’ve all been glad to stay bundled up indoors. Add a glamorous touch to your client’s fireplace with these hand-selected accessories by StyleRow’s Style Team. Each piece has virtually unlimited customization options. Use the configuration tool to build your bespoke order or contact the brand directly to discuss additional variations.



With hundreds of styles and finishes available, plus unlimited customization capabilities, there is truly something for everyone. Ultra sleek and modern, a whimsical focal point or a glamorous finishing touch, fire screens are the ultimate statement maker.

Butterfly Fire Screen by John Lyle Design

Tapestry Fire Screen by Claire Crowe Collection

Vestal Fire Screen by John Lyle Design

Agate Fire Screen by Ron Dier Design

Crosby Fireplace Screen by Decorative Crafts

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These small-scale decorative accents add a surprising pop of personality into interiors.

Star Andirons by John Lyle Design

Flame Andirons by Stephanie Odegard Co. Ltd.

Caryatid Andirons by John Lyle Design

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When builder-grade just won’t do, opt for luxurious yet functional versions.

Percival Fireplace Tender by Ironware

Fire Grate #2 by John Lyle Design

Gates Fire Grates by John Lyle Design

Fire Grate #1 by John Lyle Design

Jerome Log Tender by Ironware

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Whether you actually use the fireplace or not, these accessories are works of art.

Wainscott Fireplace Set by Decorative Crafts

Renaud Fire Tool Set by Ironware

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