A relative newcomer to the scene, 2K1M furniture designs make a memorable impression. With more than 20 years of international experience in interior design and custom furniture in Canada, United States, China, North Africa, the Caribbean and Barbados, Naji Mourani launched the Toronto-based brand in 2017. With an emphasis on uniqueness, quality, durability and style, 2K1M sources their materials and manufactures their pieces in Italy with a high level of attention paid to the details. Wood (solid, veneer and lacquered), marble and metals (brass and stainless steel) are the primary materials utilized.

2K1M was “inspired from within and driven by the passion of design to deliver to the world unique furniture pieces that are considered showcase pieces with function,” says founder and designer Naji Mourani. With minimal machining involved in the production process, “all solid wood pieces are hand made by an artisan, [as are] the finishes and any metalwork. They are one of a kind pieces [which] can almost be considered limited edition items,” explains Mourani. The brand’s wood products are FSC and CARB, and paint products are low to no VOC.

The Fai Collection (Fai meaning “beginning” in Chinese) represents the inception of 2K1M and its story explains the brand. According to Mourani, it’s the brand’s main and most successful line, the first of its collections, “Made in Italy,” launched in 2020 at the Toronto Interior Design Show IDS20. Six pieces (credenza, bench, entranceway mirror, (tall) mirror, coat stand and picture frames), available in different variations, comprise the collection which Mourani describes as “a fusion of contemporary, Art Deco and the ’70s.” With a high level of detail and craftsmanship, natural materials such as marble and solid wood (including walnut and oak) are combined with finishes such as brass and faux leather. Intended for “long and lasting enjoyment without losing its character and value,” most pieces are made to order with a medium level of customization available. “The solid wood curved edge of the door panels and the bold structural base gives it its unique character, an ageless design suited in a classic or contemporary residential or hospitality environment,” explains the brand. 

Modern and minimalistic in design is the brand’s Grooves Collection, boasting pure solid colors and surfaces with a natural finish of solid Oak or veneer. “The straight lines, slight angles and v-grooves are the ‘Grooves’ signature,” explains the brand. The five styles which comprise this collection—bar unit, bench, credenza, sideboard and entranceway mirror—exude a “light and airy” style. Customization in size and finish is available.

Every year 2K1M launches a new product or expands its existing collection. The brand is currently working on launching two new collections expected towards the fall of 2021, a new accessory line and more down the pipeline. “The designs we are creating are fascinating and make us stand out because of their uniqueness and the quality of craftsmanship required to make them a reality,” says Mourani. The brand also welcomes the opportunity to collaborate with clients and designers to create custom pieces for their projects.

When it comes to customer service the brand shares it “will ensure prompt assistance to any request for information and ensure continuous support through the process until our furniture pieces are delivered and our clients/designers are satisfied with their purchase.”

Source 2K1M in the StyleRow Marketplace. To find out more, visit their website.

Photos courtesy of 2K1M Inc.