With a mission of infusing more fun into buying and selling designer furniture in Holland, Design on Stock set out to provide customers top designs crafted with the utmost quality materials and workmanship but without long delivery times and complicated guarantees. “This philosophy has helped the brand to become one of the fastest-growing design brands in all of Europe….We are excited to see Design on Stock USA in the homes of the North American customer. Our Dutch friends have put years of creativity and innovation into the collection. It is a privilege to make these products available to the US consumer,” explains the brand. 

Staying true its vision, Design on Stock USA made its debut in the US with the same philosophy which garnered it success in Europe—“No endless waiting, no complicated guarantees; just beautiful, attractively priced designer furniture! The current collection has been designed by Marike Andeweg, Roderick Vos, Studio Foorumi, Gerard Van Den Berg, Gijs Papavoine, Frederik Roije, Edward van Vliet and Studio Tom Dissel,” explains the brand. 

Each designer’s distinctive twist is seen in their designs, with each piece having its own story. “All of our pieces take over a year to perfect. From the angles to the foam construction, each decision is thought through the lens of combining comfort and design to ensure the best product possible,” explains the brand. With close attention paid to the details, each piece is built in Kaas Tailored’s factory in Mukilteo, Washington. 

Helping to shape the company’s superior standards and culture are the brand’s three core values:

  1. Know and Show the truth: We know and show the truth by implementing our work plans in accordance with the law of nature to influence desired outcomes; 
  2. Best for our Best: We treasure the opportunity to use our talent to make a meaningful impact; Inspired to give our best for our best people and organizations who value our collective efforts; 
  3. Improve Everyday: We understand that waste is ever present and can only be reduced by taking action to improve every day.

More than 40 years in business, with a number of skilled craftsman with years of upholstery experience, “As a company that manufactures products on airplanes and spaceships, Kaas Tailored knows that quality is of the utmost importance. From the curation of the correct materials, to the delivery of a safe and protected final product, each piece that leaves the factory is meticulously handled to perfection,” explains the brand.

From foam to wood, internal materials are sourced within 100 miles of its factory, which serves to produce high-quality jobs for the local communities, limit lead times and ensure quality control. “Each piece is constructed of the same materials that you can find in our commercial settings, such as Nordstrom or Starbucks. Secondly, the leather and fabric is a mixture of textiles from all over Europe. Our parent brand, Design on Stock, sends these materials from their facility in Holland as soon as an order is placed here in the US. Together, the pairing of a US sourced internal structure, with beautiful European materials, a wonderful piece is created!,” explains the brand. 

With a strong belief that the company should bring joy to the people who design and build the pieces as well as to their clients, Kaas Tailored strives to have every person involved see the end result of their effort and commitment. “In fact, organizations from around the world tour Kaas Tailored regularly so they might witness the world-renowned business philosophy first hand….Over the past 15 years, we have hosted over 50,000 guests in our facilities to learn about continuous improvement. Together, we focus on how to eliminate waste in our systems, so that our teams can enjoy experience joy in their work. We find that this type of collaboration and teamwork with others helps us create a healthier workplace and better products,” explains the brand. 

Keeping its collection fresh, the brand out of Holland adds products to their collection every year. Kaas Tailored then reviews the new products and asks the question, “Would this new product do well within the US market?” If the answer is yes, the two parties collaborate to bring that new item to the US collection. “The demand in the US dictates the tempo in which new collection pieces are added. If we see a need, the collaboration with Design on Stock is started,” explains the brand. 

Source Design on Stock USA in the StyleRow Marketplace. To find out more, visit their website.